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Wenzel Spine Inc., an Austin-based medical device company, hired Datahouse to produce technical manuals, eLearning and tradeshow booth displays for its Interbody Fusion Device, VariLift® LX. This content accurately explained the technical aspects of the surgical process and was visually appealing and detailed enough to compel anyone to learn more. As such, they could be used as sales and marketing collateral as easily as they could be used as technical manuals.

Interactive Websites:

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After the technical manuals conclusion and many projects later- repurposing the initial content that was created, Wenzel Spine contacted Datahouse again for their new product redesign. There was an obvious return on their investment into the manuals by that point, and Wenzel wanted to take some big steps to expand their new product launch. Besides an update to the original printed content, Datahouse was asked to build out additional deployments using the same subject matter… From one end to the other, and create a new website, eLearning curriculum, and tradeshow booth design and signage to be showcased at industry expositions.

As it turned out, there was a lot of material that was created for the new manuals. Datahouse was able to hit the ground running for the new project deployments. The initial scope of work would be 6 months, with the efficiency of Datahouse's visualization process, an additional 13 subordinate projects were created on top of that original scope.

Experiential marketing featuring a new Augmented Reality showcase at the tradeshow booth was the final component of Datahouse’s work for Wenzel Spine. All the research, all the design rationale, and all the product overview, was packaged up so Wenzel Spine could take it to industry expos and present it to potential customers, distributors and other business partners.


By the end of the project cycle, Wenzel Spine was able to rebrand their VariLift product line, with a true experience, not just a representation, explaining and promoting it for an expanding audience.


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